Announcement:  RexUI is now available! Jun 16 2021
2021-06-23 16:25:05

Gta 5 Hacks & Cheats

 Download GTA 5 Online Hacks & Cheats: Money Hack, Exp: 

To perform the GTA 5 Online cheat, you must first download Rexui. You can download it by clicking on the "Download RexUI" button above.
After downloading the RexUI installation file, we open it and install Rexui. Then we open Rexui. Make sure that no antivirus programs are running on your computer. Otherwise, the program may not work healthily.
After opening rexui, you need to complete ad approval. Ad approval appears once every 24 hours.

First, click on the "Go to verification" button:

Then, click on the first site.

Click on an ad after navigating the site for 5-10 seconds. (Ads are boxes with an" i " and a cross icon at the top right.) If you encounter any problems, you can watch our tutorial video by clicking on the "How to ad approval" button.

After clicking on the ad, the RexUI cheat panel will open:



And from this panel you can launch GTA 5 Online Hack. (Reminder: make sure your antivirus programs are turned off.)

After starting the trick, a black screen will appear. When you start the game you will automatically inject the cheat. We wish you a good game.